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There are numerous types of visas that allow travelers to enter foreign countries.

Visas are classified into four types based on the following criteria:

  • The visa’s purpose (in terms of the activities they permit)
  • How are they acquired?
  • The form they take
  • How many entries are allowed?

Many countries, for example, have different types of visas for tourism, work, and residence. Others issue visas that serve multiple purposes.

Travellers must ensure that they have the proper visa for their trip.

Understand the Most Common Visa Types

It is critical to have the proper type of visa when travelling to another country. Many countries have separate visas for various purposes. The following are the most familiar types of visas:

  • Visa for Tourists
  • Visa for Business
  • Work Permit
  • Visa for Transit
  • Visa for Students

Visa for Tourists:

Visa Services in Tarn Taran

Tourist visas allow holders to enter the country for the purpose of recreation and tourism. They are usually merely accurate for a short period of time.

Visa for Business:

Business visas typically allow the holder to conduct business meetings and negotiations, attend conferences and trade shows, and draught contracts in another country. They do not, however, usually allow work paid by a company based in that state.

Work Permit:

Work visas enable the holder to enter another country and work there. It is necessary to do paid (and sometimes unpaid) work in another country.

Visa for Transit:

A transit visa allows you to briefly visit a country on your way to another. This visa is usually required in order to leave the airport in between flights. However, it is required in some countries even if the passenger remains at the airport.

Visa for Students:

A student visa entitles the holder to attend a university or other educational institution in another country.

Some countries grant visas for multiple purposes. A common example is short-term visas that allow for tourism, business, and transit.

Visa Services in Tarn Taran

How to Get a Visa

To obtain a visa, simply apply to the destination country’s consulates or intermediary agencies.

Most agencies and consulates provide online application services. Remember to check the visa application requirements for your destination.

Before visiting these agencies, you must complete the necessary paperwork. Certain forms or letters may need to be filled out at these agencies or consulates.

At this point, officials provide applicants with the necessary information.

For those who want to spend more time on the details, there are private intermediary visa agencies.

Visa Services in Tarn Taran can handle all visa procedures.

Although some of the documents required to obtain a visa vary by country, the following documents are universal:

  • Valid Passport
  • Photographing biometrics
  • A detailed copy of the identity certificate register
  • Bank account statement
  • Certificate of Residency
  • Certificate of Professional Status
  • Marriage certificate for married couples

Various Methods of Obtaining Visas

There are various types of visas based on how they are obtained. There are three main methods for applying for a visa.

Not every country has all three options. The available application options are usually determined by the traveller’s nationality.

  • Visas obtained online
  • Visas issued by embassies/consulates
  • Arrival visas

Various Visa Formats

Visas vary depending on the country of issue and the method of obtaining them.

Examples of various visa formats include:

  • Visas issued electronically
  • Stamps on visas
  • Visa stickers
  • Visa documents

Electronic visas are obtained by submitting an online application. It is not always necessary to print a physical document. Instead, the visa is linked to the traveller’s passport electronically. The visa is read by the country’s immigration system when the passport is examined.

Some destinations, however, require passengers to print and bring a paper copy of their visa document.

Visas were traditionally issued as stamps in the traveller’s passport. This method is still used in many countries. Alternatively, some countries now include stickers in passports.

Some countries issue visas separately, often with a photograph of the traveller. This must be presented in addition to the passport.

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