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How to Apply for a PR Visa in Australia

Despite the pandemic-related border restrictions, Australia continues to be one of the most sought-after locations for prospective immigrants from India to apply for permanent residency there. 

PR Visa consultant in tarn taran

The current year is also anticipated to follow this trend.

The cause is not shocking. Australia is among the greatest nations for work-life balance, career advancement, and quality of life. 

You can dwell in Australia for five years if you apply successfully and get a PR visa by completing the processes below. 

After three years of PR-related residence in Australia, you can apply for Australian citizenship.

PR Visa consultant in tarn taran

Process For Australia PR Visa In Steps

By following the processes outlined below, you can successfully apply for an Australia PR visa.

Step 1:

You must confirm that you satisfy each of the eligibility requirements given below.

  • In the merit-based scoring system, you must obtain at least 65 points.
  • You must be no older than 45 while submitting your application.
  • You will need to submit exam results to prove that you are proficient in English.
  • You should be employed in an occupation that is on Australia’s list of high-demand occupations and has experience in it.
  • You will need to have your talents evaluated in light of your educational background and overall work experience. 6. You should be able to demonstrate that you are in good physical and moral health.
Step 2:

Apply for and go through an English language competence test. Any test approved by the Australian government for immigration purposes may be used for this one.

PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL results are recognized when requesting a PR visa for Australia. 

To be eligible, you must receive an average score of at least 4.5 or demonstrate that you have completed at least 500 hours of English language instruction through the AMEP.

Step 3:

See the list of Skilled Occupations in Australia to determine what profession you are in. You can choose your profession from the list of options below.

  • Skilled Occupation List for the Short Term.
  • List of Strategic Skills for the Long Term.
  • Consolidated List of Sponsored Professions.
Step 4:

On the talent choose website, submit your Expression of Interest to the Australian Immigration Department.

To ensure that you have not given any inaccurate information or left out any essential information, you should take extra care.

Step 5:

Get the immigration authority’s invitation to apply. The Australian government will grant you an Invitation to Apply for a PR visa during the monthly invitation rounds if your application for Australia PR has satisfied all requirements.

An invitation to apply will be extended to the candidates with the highest point totals.

Step 6:

Upon receiving your invitation to apply, you have 60 days to submit your final application for Australian permanent residency.

All of the necessary supporting documentation for your visa application must be submitted with the application. These consist of

  • Personal records
  • Immigration papers
  • Work history records
Step 7:

Apply for, get, and submit medical and police clearance certifications from the appropriate authorities.

Step 8:

In the final step, you would receive your PR visa for Australia if all the information was supplied accurately and you qualified for a PR visa.

PR Visa consultant in tarn taran


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